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ZA Creators technology Pvt Ltd edify You Static web design signifies? What kind of business requires static web designs? Keep reading to get an idea of what it exactly means. Using a language known as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) a basic web design is built. This is the basic form of website design. Static web development is simple.

Static website designs are such that you can have each of your website pages however you want with content entities placed as per your requirement and choice.

If you are looking to build a static website for your company, here we are


Mobile Friendly Websites

User friendly, High quality & cost effective

Perfect compatibility & website appearance

Easy to design & Easy navigation

User friendly interface & Browser capability

Specialized keyword coverage

Quality HD images

Mobile Friendly Websites

To make a simple static website, with static website design cost incurred is much lower. However, if your simple static website requires frequent updates to its content, you might have to shell out a lot of money and efforts. Static websites too can be updated with CMS – Some of the best cms for static websites include – Netlify, Siteleaf, Publii, DatoCMS, Forestry and many more.

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